by revenehw

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released August 11, 2016

everything was written, performed, and recorded by jay in a bedroom



all rights reserved


revenehw Laramie, Wyoming

chill, sad jamz for/from the bedroom.

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Track Name: holy shit
if god is in my head
does that make me a righteous man
If the spirit's on my breath
does that make me who i am
holy shit

i think i got it
i think i got it figured out
i think i got it
i feel it burning in my mouth

when my stomach's empty my heart is full
when my bottle's empty then I'm miserable

so i throw my hands at god
said, prove yourself make it rain
well the earth stayed dry tonight but quarters fell on me

if god is in my head
does that make me a righteous man
if the spirit's on my breath
does that make me who i am
holy shit
Track Name: wooden ghost
write it down in pen so we won't forget it happened
read it all again
try to figure out where you went
i think of the end
the creases in her cheeks bend when she sees some old friends she doesn't really like but pretends

i don't remember when we took to separate branches
now all the fractals inbetween make more sense
thought i was only there in passing to count the angles
we laid there laughing at the shapes that our lives went

the weight will break you if you lean too far
am i pretending about what we are

its hard to keep it close as we grow apart like friends do
now i'm a wooden ghost haunting fallen limbs looking for you
Track Name: bon homme // sun
with a ring on his hand
like blood on a knife
at the time did it hurt
made a vow to his wife

heard her pause between steps
through the creaks in the floor
tried to tiptoe through hell
then knocked on his door

the deadbolt is shut
you can't come inside
tried to crawl in his hand but he you aside

he said, I know that you kissed him
how far did that go
you can paint your heart red but all the cracks still show
there's a hole in our bed and I don't want it to grow
rent it out to a stranger
call him bon homme

never had a good reason
i'll carry you on my sleeve
i'll wear you like halloween
a costume no one can see
just me

as a stalemate grows colder
it's got you longing for warmth
when you can't take anymore
what is a sun here for
what is a sun here for
Track Name: sometimes i think
sometimes i think of the things i'd never do
if you weren't here laughing
sometimes i think of the things i'd never say
if you weren't here asking
sometimes i think of the things i'd never see
if you weren't here to show me
sometimes i think if you were never here at all
if i'd even be half me

it's impossible to say for sure but i'm sure that you get it
this is all somebody else's world and we're just living in it
sometimes i think i'm okay with that
sometimes i'm just okay
Track Name: flowers
she's turning 57 but she says she's 39
she planted plastic flowers in the yard while he got high
he asked her why not real ones
she said that takes more time
he laughed out loud and added, and fake flowers never die

it's time to grow up, son
you've said it every single day since i was old enough to leave the front door open
grandma got away
we found her walking home from picking flowers from the graves
we were born as children and we'll die the same way

i'm sorry
i know i don't stop by enough
i'm not ungrateful for what you've done or what you do
but being around is kind of tough
seems like the closer that i come
the shadow just get's longer
and we can work ourselves to death
but that won't make us any stronger
i'm doing everything
everything i can to beg your pardon
i'm doing everything
everything i can to mend this garden